Saint Pierre Saint Paul Church

Rueil-Malmaison History, Napoleon I, Napoleon III

Placed under the protection of the two apostles Saint Peter and Saint Paul, the church classified “ Historic Monument” shelters the tombs of Empress Josephine and Queen Hortense, her daughter who wished to be buried near her mother.

Josephine’s tomb is made of Carrare marble and has been completed in 1825. It is surmounted by a statue of the Empress, the work of a sculptor called Cartellier. She is shown kneeling, reminding, according to the wish of her two children Prince Eugene and Queen Hortense who wanted her represented like the famous painting by David entitled ‘Le Sacre’ (The Coronation).

We can also admire the superb organ that was offered by Napoleon III and signed by Bacchio d’Agniolo together but also the beautiful gilded bronze bas relief of the high altar designed in the 12th century by François Anguier for Val de Grace church in Paris.