Bonaparte franchissant le Grand-Saint-Bernard

Travel in the footsteps of Napoleon

Visuel expo Art au service du pouvoir


Art for the power

From 13th april to 9th july, this exceptional exhibition proposes an unprecedented approach that allows us to re-read the extraordinary career of these two emperors, but also to revisit the art of the nineteenth century.

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Les Impériales



During the weekend of 28 and 29 April, Napoleon and Marie-Louise and their court will occupy the castle.

An evocation of this imperial stay in Fontainebleau.

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Carnet de voyage

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26th May

Bouquet provincial

The provincial bouquet is a festival and archery competition specializing in shooting Beursault, mainly practiced in Picardie, Île-de-France and Champagne-Ardenne. The provincial bouquet incorporates the French Beursault Shooting Championship and is recognized by the French Archery Federation.The provincial bouquet usually takes place in May or June and allows residents and...

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