The park and castle of Bois-Préau

Rueil-Malmaison History, Napoleon I

Very distinguished host of the park, it is the statue of Empress Josephine that welcomes the visitor, upon his arrival, to freshen his thoughts in a real landscape garden spreading over17 hectares.

The park of Bois-Preau shelters many rare tree species and hundreds of years old trees like the hazel tree of Byzantium, the common Charm, the Corsican pine and also the giant sequoia. It is the perfect place for family walks and an ideal background for events, shows and concerts.

The castle of Bois-Preau evokes the memory of the Emperor in Sainte-Helene and the return of his ashes in Paris. It was the last acquisition made by Empress Josephine. Her doctor lived there and she also stored in the castle the unaccountable items of her private collections.

After Josephine death, in 1814, several owners succeeded one another. In 1920, Mr and Mrs TUCK, of American origin and great benefactors of the city, buy it and offer it, in 1926, to the National Museums to create an annex to Malmaison Castle. The Castle of Bois-Préau is presently being restored.