Napoleon and Autun

Autun History, Napoleon I

Several times through Autun. Although Napoleon Bonaparte only went briefly to the Autun college, he did eventually stop over several times. He travelled through Autun in May 1798, on his way to Egypt. When First Consul – following the 18 Brumaire (9th November 1799) coup d’état which ended the Directoire, and on his way to Lyon, he stopped at the Auberge de la Poste (presently hotel Saint-Louis) on 20 Nivôse Year X (10 January 1802).

French Emperor since 1804, and travelling to Milan to be crowned as King of Italy with Empress Josephine, he only stopped to change the horses on 16 Germinal Year XIII (6 April 1805). These events are known through the deliberations of the town council about the required preparations to welcome him. He was back again on 31 December 1807, travelling from Turin to Paris.

Finally, in 1815, during the One Hundred Days episode, having left the island of Elba and disembarked at Golfe-Juan on 1st March, he stopped overnight in Autun on 15th March before reaching Paris on 20th March.