The racecourse Solle

Fontainebleau History, Napoleon III

Set amid greenery, the Solle Hippodrome is one of the oldest in France.
During the reign of Louis XVI, on 11 November 17 the Dukes of Artois and Chartres organised races for the first time at Fontainebleau for the King’s hunting visit.

Following the establishment of a fund at Fontainebleau town Hall in 1862, the Department’s Equestrian Society organised its first official events at the Solle Hippodrome.

The works (the building and, for the first time in France, a 2400 m left-handed race track) were completed with the assistance of the Chasseurs of the Guard.

Emperor Napoleon III and Empress Eugenie attended the inauguration on 22 June 1862, along with 30,000 spectators, 4,000 of whom came by train from Paris.
A house with an open spectator’s gallery was specially built for Emperor Napoleon III and still stands today. During the Second Empire, the Racing Association was chaired by Marechal Ney’s grandson, Minister of State of the House of the Emperor, the Prince de la Moskowa.