Grands Lacs de Champagne Tourist Office

Brienne-le-Château Arts, Family, History, Napoleon I

The Tourist Office welcomes you in several offices including one in Brienne-le-Château, one in Soulaines-Dhuys and one in Dienville in high season. Many visits of cities are proposed to you and a shop composed of product of the soil and Napoleonic product awaits you.

In Brienne-le-Château you can discover a rich heritage and history including the Napoleon Museum, the castle (punctual visit in summer), the Church of St. Peter and St. Paul and its various monuments. Come discover the city formerly called “Brienne-Napoléon” during our guided tours of the city, between anecdotes and historical heritage, and Napoleonic epic you will be conquered.

Do not hesitate to contact us to organize your cultural outings on Brienne and its surroundings (group, individual, school …) or for any request for tourist information.