The local history museum

Rueil-Malmaison History, Napoleon I, Napoleon III

Rueil former town hall, built in the Second Empire style,is a copy of Fontainebleau town hall made of freestones and red bricks. It was inaugurated in 1869.

Its facade is adorned with the Imperial Eagle and the arms granted to the city by Napoleon III. It became the Local History Museum in 1982.

This Museum retraces the history and evolution of a small city near Paris from King Charles Le Chauve to our days.

The famous historic characters of the city are honoured: Richelieu, Napoléon Ier, Empress Josephine, Napoleon III …

The various rooms of the Museum gather on a thematic basis works, books, tools and memories recollecting the history of the city.

In the Empire room, 1.800 figurines retrace the glorious hours of Napoleon’s famous Great Army. Many other rooms honour well-known people having lived in Rueil. One room is fully dedicated to pictures of the city at the beginning of the 20th century.


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