Castel Raoul

Châteauroux History, Napoleon I

Located in the heart of the department, Château Raoul was founded in the tenth century and remains a symbol of local power from the origins of the city of Chateauroux and it overlooks to which he gave his name.

Old stately residence of Chateauroux, Raoul Castle is the birthplace of the city. Registered historic monument, it is the origin of the name of the city. Visible from the Gütersloh Bridge and New Bridge in the heart of the valley of Ebbes, the castle is open to the public on guided tours organized by the tourist office and the County Council of Indre in the summer and during the Days heritage.

Henri-Gatien Bertrand was born at Château Raoul in 1773, a castle which was the official residence of his father, Henry Bertrand, private master of water and forests, subdelegated from the Bourges administration to the department of Châteauroux. The future general of Empire is the castelroussin par excellence, born within the emblematic castle at the origin of the city.